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Wow, what a beautifully sad story. Definitely had me feeling emotional at the end. Well done.

Awww, thanks. ♥️

Very good storytelling and interesting worldbuilding. And oh, so sad ... The soundtrack is perfect, good pacing overall. I'm amazed that you managed to even have voiceover in your game inside the jam timeframe.

Out of curiosity: In the credits it's stated that you used Blender. What did you use this for?


Thanks so much!

That all was very much due to teamwork. Rikard wrote the awesome music and Sally did and organized the voiceover.

I used Blender for 2D animations, because I totally suck at hand drawn animations. 😊

Additionally, I used the COA tools plugin to create the walkcycles for the characters.

Thank you for this game! A touching story, superb voiceacting and a wounderful soundtrack. Great work, all of you!

Thanks so much! ❤️